A Pennsylvania mother who had been a registered Democrat for over thirty years gave up party affiliation and joined the Republicans.
And he is far from alone.

On Fox and Friends First, Beth Ann Rosica shared why she left the Democrats after being loyal to the party for 3 years. His words will likely be echoed by more than 39,000 other former Pennsylvania Democrats who switched parties in the months leading up to the 2022 election.

Rosica mentioned the economic situation, but also highlighted what happened to children during and after the COVID-19 epidemic. 19. “I think the economy is huge, and I also think about a lot of things in the parent schools in the state of Pennsylvania,” he said. “It was terrible to see what happened to our children academically, socially and emotionally.”
In contrast to about 0,000 people leaving Pennsylvania Democrats, about 12,000 former Republicans changed affiliations. Rosica continued, “All these failed policies have really only resulted in academic losses.” He said many people, especially parents, are “tired and disgusted with what has happened here in the last two and a half years.”

This was enough of a disappointment to shake him from his long-time party roots. “As a former Democrat 3 years before the pandemic, I too thought the Democratic Party was really focused on the people they pretended to support,” Rosica said.
Rosica claimed that the party’s response to COVID-19 enticed her to leave the Democrats. “I’ve seen through the pandemic that the Democratic Party has basically abandoned all these people.”

There was something that opened his eyes, madam. Rosica said. “And that’s why I left the party, or as I like to say, the party left me, and I think a lot of people are really starting to see that.”

This is a trend that can be seen nationwide. Several states reported significant changes in affiliation, with most new registrations going Republican. Earlier this year, Nevada gubernatorial candidate John Lee dropped out of the Democratic race. Lee said, “Democrats are actually leaving the party in droves right now because of the socialist agenda of the Democratic Party,” Lee added, “They are completely anti-American.”

The abandonment worried Democratic leaders, especially considering how the dissenters come from a demographic traditionally considered safely partisan. The Heritage Foundation recently reported that Hispanic voters are increasingly disillusioned with Democrats. You also can’t count on a somewhat reliable group of young voters, as college students are increasingly defecting from Democrats.

And according to the New York Post, there are growing signs that black voters are ready to leave the party, in probably huge numbers. Commentator Candace Owens noted that “Black America is wise to [Democratic failures], and now the question is whether it’s too late,” adding that “by every measure, black America is worse off under a Biden presidency than it was under Trump.

President Joe Biden The consequences for Americans so far have been extremely negative: high inflation, if not outright stagflation in the early stages; a margin so porous as to be practically non-existent; “green” laws and regulations proving disastrous – all of these and more were carried out by the Biden administration and its allies. And they can prove costly at the ballot box in little more than a month.

But while the Biden administration may have caused a mass exodus from the Democratic Party, it by no means encouraged it. The truth is that democratic leaders through the party apparatus long ago abandoned all the virtues of “classical liberalism” and instead embraced a bloated left that is anything but “progressive.”

Most Americans, when asked, say they do not want the socialist policies of Congress and the President. But that’s exactly what Americans got, literally minutes after Biden took the oath of office in January 2021. Most Americans also admit they don’t want books depicting homosexual acts in their children’s school libraries. Most citizens also have strong opinions about illegal aliens invading the Rio Grande, where Democratic operatives hope to hand them EBT cards and cell phones. Indeed, some have left the Democratic Party over this issue.

And most Americans don’t want to give up their trusty gas-powered vehicles. Even Barack Obama’s former deputy energy secretary dismissed the climate change hysteria. When you think about getting rid of millions of gas-powered cars and trucks, think about this: Would any serious person try to evacuate a hurricane in an electric vehicle?
Democrats have cultivated all this and more for decades. They thought they were invincible. But the reality is a harsh mistress, and people are waking up to that reality much more than Democrats admit. They contributed to extreme liberalism. And now they are set to lose.

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