During his life — and I don’t just mean his time in the spotlight as America’s biggest embarrassment to date, I mean almost his entire 7 years on earth — Donald J. Trump has been accused of many terrible things.

From the tax fraud for which he is currently under investigation twice, to the hard cash he paid when he first ran for president, to the many women who accused him of rampant sexual harassment and rape, to his involvement in the sex of the child he knew human traffickers like the late Jeffery Epstein and the imprisoned Ghislaine Maxwell—the disgraced former president is certainly no stranger to sick accusations.

Despite denying links to known sex traffickers, several images of them together have leaked onto social media. Despite the Manhattan district attorney’s office calling the investigation into him a “witch hunt,” it gathered so much evidence against him that it convened a special grand jury.

Michael Cohen has already made a hush money payment, court documents show testimony from his rape victims. My point here is that when an accusation is made against Donald Trump, it is almost always true.

And I have no doubt that this charge is an exception to that rule. Actually, I know it isn’t. We all saw and heard how Donald Trump, who was then still president, responded to the violent riot at the Capitol on January 6 by his loyal supporters. We all sat in