Donald Trump’s incoming New Jersey attorney, Alina Habba, has quietly settled a lawsuit brought by a former employee who framed her as a callous and racist boss who quit letter n while rapping at the office and reported to be the New York Attorney General as “that unlucky bitch.” It is unclear how much Habba paid to settle the case if any. “We reached a resolution, but I cannot comment on the details,” Tillmann said, repeatedly stressing the word “resolution.”

Habba runs a small law firm in the Jersey suburbs located a short drive from Trump’s National Golf Club Bedminster. In her role in the New York AG case, she personally swore in court documents that she conducted a “diligent” search for relevant business records by rummaging through “all desks, drawers, nightstands, dressers, closets, etc.” at Mar-a-Lago on May 5-awkward timing that potentially makes her a witness in the FBI’s historic criminal investigation of Trump for mishandling classified records that were found last month in those very desks, drawers, and storage closets.

Her legal secretary, Na’syia Drayton, quit in frustration on Trump’s birthday and sued a few weeks later on July 19. In her lawsuit, Drayton, who is Black, accused Habba of frequently playing “inappropriate gangster rap and hip hop music in the office… repeatedly singing and using the racial slur n–,” and at one point during a staff luncheon at a restaurant loudly suggesting that she order fried chicken because “you people like fried chicken.”

The suit also claimed Habba once got fed up with the constant legal battles against New York Attorney General Letitia James, who is Black, and shouted, “I hate that Black bitch!”

“Habba began parading around the office seething about the judge, and complaining that she had lost her argument,” the lawsuit reads. “Drayton was appalled about the racist remarks made about the Attorney General, Letitia James, and felt astonished that her supervisor, [Habba], felt comfortable and entitled to make such statements in the workplace, in her presence.”

The lawsuit goes on to describe how Drayton allegedly began getting panic attacks, leading her to isolate herself from the few coworkers she had at the office, including Habba and her law firm partner, Michael Madaio. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that Drayton emailed her bosses, revealing the racial animosity that had plagued her so much at the office.

The day after Habba reached an agreement with New York investigators for Trump to testify before GA – with tensions already running high – the attorney unexpectedly received an email from her private secretary titled “Environment uncomfortable work,” which cited several instances where Drayton said she felt “extremely uncomfortable.” “I have been deeply affected by these comments and feel disrespected and unwelcome at work.

Everyone in the world is listening to Kanye West – and I” “I’m not allowed?” Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, Habba vehemently denied ever shouting about running New York AG and released a statement describing Drayton as a disgruntled employee who was just looking for some money. At the time, Drayton’s attorney admitted that she tried to settle the matter quickly and quietly, but Habba’s law firm did not budge.

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