Trump can hold a grudge, Daily Beast reporter Corbin Bolies tells Andy Levy on The New Abnormal podcast, and he’s not wrong. “Donald Trump knows how to hold a grudge and he does, and we’ve seen that continue over the last year and a half because Donald Trump has been constantly attacking Mitch McConnell,” Bolies said of the former Senate majority’s verbal abuse. The wife of manager Elaine Chao, who makes blatantly racist calls on her social platform, Truth. And shockingly, Republicans said nothing — except for Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL).

He began his approach by saying, “It’s never good to be racist,” says Bolies. “Bold statement,” Andy jokes. coming back to McConnell and Trump. “What do you think Trump hates most about Mitch McConnell?” Andy asks. Bolies has a few thoughts, one of which is McConnell’s remarks about Trump after Jan. 6.

Whether McConnell or Chao will respond to Trump’s comments is a little more unclear. As Andy says, “In general, [Republicans] have established themselves as the party of alpha males in this area, but none of them jump to the defense of their women.” “I think it will be really interesting when there are major candidates in Trump’s election next year.

The debate moderators will ask them, ‘Why didn’t you say something about this earlier?’ Why didn’t you make those statements? about Donald Trump? When could you say it was Important in 2020 after January 6th, even before January 6th? Why say that now when you’re trying to strengthen yourself versus helping the country?’ ,” Bolies says. Also in this episode: Hannah Gais, Senior Investigative Analyst at the Southern Poverty Law Center, joins the episode to co-host Andy. He covers the difficult attempts of Democrats and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to get Republicans. I think the threats are for them.

Plus! Kelly Weill, the far-right reporter for the Daily Beast and host of the Fever Dreams podcast, breaks down the massive divide within the Libertarian Party, including how the old libertarians are completely over the toxicity of these new libertarians. Like Trumpy beyond toxic.