Washington: Former US President Donald Trump has promised to take US relations with India to a new level again if he wins the 202 presidential elections.

In a Diwali speech organized by the Republican Hindu League (RHC) at his Mar-a-Lake, Florida resort, Trump told a gathering of about 200 Indians that he has good relations with Hindus, India, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He said he would appoint RHC founder Shalabh Kumar as his ambassador to India if he is elected US president in 202
On Tuesday, the RHC released a video of Trump’s speech at a Diwali reception last Friday, in which the former president says, that he has not yet announced whether he will run, but if he does and wins in 202,he has certain obligations to the American Indian community.

We got support from Hindus, both times (2016 and 2020) great Hindus and great support from India, people of India. I fully supported the idea of ​​a Hindu Holocaust Memorial (Washington DC). I think it’s time for us to do that,” Trump said. Trump said he probably wouldn’t have won in 2016 without the support of the Hindu community in the battleground states.

He promised to take US relations with India to a new level again if he wins the 202 presidential elections. Kumar said in a statement that Trump has been a strong friend of the Hindu community and the RHC is proud of what he has done over the years to strengthen and encourage the American diaspora. He said that Diwali is a time when we all reflect on the victory of light over darkness and look towards a new year of prosperity and peace. Under Trump, US-India relations have never been stronger as both sides have strengthened relations based on mutual threats from Pakistan and China and mutual respect and admiration, the RHC said in a statement. India-US relations took a big step forward in 2017 when President Trump fulfilled his campaign promise to be India’s best friend in the White House.

India was the only country for which the Trump administration presented a 100-year plan; an honor not shared even with America’s most important allies. Not only has the Trump administration designated the Asia-Pacific region as the Indo-Pacific region of major concern for China, giving New Delhi a greater role and space in the entire region, but the United States has also made this clear for the first time. that India is a key player in Afghanistan.
When Trump announced his South Asia policy in August, which gives India a key role in bringing peace to the war-torn country, the US president for the first time agreed with New Delhi’s view that terrorism originates in Pakistan.